Here’s just a few comments from some of my customers,

I visited your stall in Hereford a couple of weeks ago with my husband & daughter. You may remember, I was umming & arring about buying the ‘car window bowls’. I decided not to buy it & was devastated when it had gone, only to find out that my husband had bought it without me knowing. This is just to say thank you for ‘playing your part’ & it now has pride of place on my sideboard!


My name is Alex & I stood and pondered for ages on Saturday for the perfect silly space filler between some of my units. I love the latest addition to my kitchen – you were quite right the colours are stunning against the duck egg blue 🙂

Thanks again for your work of art.

Alex Thompson


I just want to let you know that I am so thrilled with my plate, and it looks fab where it was meant to go- except I keep taking it down to stroke it! In the pub at lunch time it was being passed around and stroked!!!

You have made my weekend….and no doubt I shall drive everyone bonkers of the tale of my ‘specially commissioned’ plate!

All visitors to house this weekend have really admired your lovely plate!!!!





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